Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quick tips for Dart newcomers (to be continued...)

- Abreviations- Know Internet Slang- ALL Wikipedia stuff about web, server, programming... - Basic idea and control flow of programming.

At the beginning of 2014 DartLang is still a work in progress. It do not yet have all the goodies that older lanquages have, but it is gonna go far. Dart may not be the best-laquage-possible to-bebuilt-now, BUT it is best, that can survive now, and to get great bunch of developers behind it.

Writing this in Nexus... numbering... must fix it in laptop. (lost in transition lol)

Put jre in jre folder in your dart-program folder, if you don't use path variable. if problems, read:
Read ALL here: AND read it again. Consider keeping notes in Evernote, Google Keep, Springpad, GTask or...

Choose short names for your main data folders, you use them daily, you learn them. EXAMPLE here. (coming)

Trust editor tools; ctrl-tab for advices on subject. You do not have to memorize all

Trust Google search. try: dart foreach print ...xx
DartEditor keyboard shortcuts: choose, wich ones you need from HERE (coming)
" Play with Darteditors windows, until you got Happy state.
LEFT: Files, under: Object inspector. Middle: edit, Under: Problems, output, progress, breakpoints aso... Right: Debugger, Outline"

(...) Use Google spreadsheets to scetch, analyze and plan your programs and their classes, functions and variables, and their naming conventions.

Take time and plan NAMES for you variables and classes: MEANING.

Love your lanquage. Dont be angry to other languages. Trust it. Trust the community. It will develope; every week something new.

Make a cheatSheet for usual stuff. HERE sample.(coming) Until Darteditor gets templates.

Dont start to build a bridge until you see, where is other end. Build first a small bridge.

Give Dart editor time to analyze sometimes. Prevent analyzing in other folders, when you want to work.

Start writing, when you have clear picture in your mind about the reality (or tale) which you want to program,

Plan variables, which you need when you BUILD and plan your prog.

Make BASE library, which is for all your programs. Make (local)BASE library, which is for you current work.

Make MyPackage_Use -program which all the time uses and tests your package.

Dont use cryptic names, which you do not remember later.


Be ready to change names, if they do not feel good. Refactoring!!
Close editor, when you make BIG changes in folder structures. Destroying Metadata, darteditor -folder, is not a bad idea.

Trust dart documentation.... Be with community. use Github and StackOverFlow.

Ready? So sit, take a little cup... start writing and let the ideas come to reality....

(to be continued.. and modified..)

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