Saturday, September 9, 2017

Tracking changes to versions 0.0.2 and 0.0.3 in Dart dawo package.

Development of dawo package 2017 further from 0.0.1 version

Way to version 0.0.2, possible fixes:  Will be bublished to Pub: 10.9.-15.9.2017

1. DONE:  Little roll / render example
2. DONE   Readme file,, modified
3. DONE   Class constructors to every class

4. __e_   Import / export usage unclear. Get all files in one command.
          - is analyzer acting weird? do not show variables (fast enough)

5. DONE   Make Stream-play (sync) / explore file.  ( BOORING! ) no, it was interesting :)
          in code_snippets:  learn_stream_sync

6. DONE   Base structure class that important classes extend
          - includes: - INIT-BUILD-ROLL-SHOW-DONE cycle

7. DONE  StringBuffers to every important class and file for output.
          - this also adds visibility for variable-name

8. _h__  Start: Connector-class; Connect App-Mission-Chore classes functionality in mill-process
         - in this phase this is gonna be very elementary, schematic
         - At the end this is fine-graded and long development plan. ( DIFFICULT :( )

9. DONE created DawoDewTest  class in dawo_dew

10. DONE Add generic lists for every meaningful member
    * like: List<CommonChore> choreL = []
    * add usage later


Version NEXT:  0.0.3 aso.  Plan.

3.1 ____  Active "Rumba" flow / -example
          - app / mission / chore all working together

3.2 ____  Fill generic lists with members
            Use generic lists inside classes for to control their "sub-ordinates"
            dawoApp has: missionL<Mission>
            mission has choreL<Chore>
            Roll methods for them

3.3 ____  roll counters to app, mission, chore, mill

3.4 ____  render ( = test, presentation and quick-note function) to every file

3,5 ____  dev class. dev tester person
            -every file imports dev, and can add dev-notes

3.6 ____  Team notes (List and maps) maybe: in clay_in folder = incoming data
            * not yet clear idea, how this must be done

3.7 ____  incoming data in clay-folder
            * dev data
            * political-data  (test-case)

3.8 ____  outGoing data methods in clayOut-folder

3.9 ____  sketch  base_lib functionality

3.10 ____ separate learnLib with 3 files.


Version NEXT:  0.0.4 aso

Working rumba  is mark for  0.1.0  version


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Publishing package dawo first real version in pub dartlang org

To see own package in pub is glorious, crossdart ( hyper-linked source code ) is deeply elegant to display source code, api docs is behind the link and link to github code, it is all there.Very elegant system, and now it is easy to start using dawo, and further it's development. Dry-publish was good to practice publishing.  A very exciting event all over the place!
    Code is all written about 2-3 years ago, so it is really elementary "beginners code".
     And Dart's package system is deeply elegant and effective.
Picture of publishing event in windows cl window:

One file is missing, I think hist.txt was left in my dawo_old folder. Shall add it here.
Publish event was very fast and I can see my package and all links there in minutes.
Crossdart took a little longer.  Bot tracking additions to pub.
Development line seems now quite clear.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Beginner Dart programmers kickoff to develop a glorious pub package; dawo

dawo package in github renewed;  deleted and pushed again, to get folders aso. right.
Code:    Here are first issues:

Mostly very elementary, simple data, little messy. Purpose is to document beginners steps, when developing a package.  Next: choose where to head, what to take in and what to leave out.

An interesting and challenging journey is ahead.