Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Publishing package dawo first real version in pub dartlang org

To see own package in pub is glorious, crossdart ( hyper-linked source code ) is deeply elegant to display source code, api docs is behind the link and link to github code, it is all there.Very elegant system, and now it is easy to start using dawo, and further it's development. Dry-publish was good to practice publishing.  A very exciting event all over the place!
    Code is all written about 2-3 years ago, so it is really elementary "beginners code".
     And Dart's package system is deeply elegant and effective.
Picture of publishing event in windows cl window:

One file is missing, I think hist.txt was left in my dawo_old folder. Shall add it here.
Publish event was very fast and I can see my package and all links there in minutes.
Crossdart took a little longer.  Bot tracking additions to pub.
Development line seems now quite clear.

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