Saturday, August 19, 2017

Small note / short-hand descriptions of Dart Core Api

          Dartlang Core-Api
deprecated           deprecated = const Deprecated("next release")
override               marks an instance member as overriding a superclass member with the
                            same name.
proxy                    marks a class as implementing members dynamically through
Comparator         The signature of a generic comparison function.
identical               Check whether two references are to the same object.
identityHashCode External :  src:  Returns the identity hash code of object.
print                     Prints a string representation of the object to the console.
Note:  4  external source's in object.

Source / explanation
Object: noSuchMethodexternal : dynamic noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation);
Object: toStringexternal : String toString();
Object: hashCodeexternal : int get hashCode;
Object: runtimeTypeexternal T: ype get runtimeType;
BidirectionalIteratorAn Iterator that allows moving backwards as well as forwards.
The reserved words true and false denote objects that are the only instances of this class.
ComparableInterface used by types that have an intrinsic ordering
DateTimeAn instant in time, such as July 20, 1969, 8:18pm GMT.
The annotation @Deprecated('expires when') marks a feature as deprecated.
doubleA double-precision floating point number.
A span of time, such as 27 days, 4 hours, 12 minutes, and 3 seconds.
ExpandoAn Expando allows adding new properties to objects.
FunctionThe base class for all function types.
intAn arbitrarily large integer.
InvocationRepresentation of the invocation of a member on an object.
A collection of values, or "elements", that can be accessed sequentially.
IteratorAn interface for getting items, one at a time, from an object.
ListAn indexable collection of objects with a length.
An collection of key-value pairs, from which you retrieve a value using its associated key.
MatchA result from searching within a string.
The reserved word null denotes an object that is the sole instance of this class.
numAn integer or floating-point number.
ObjectThe base class for all Dart objects.
PatternAn interface for basic searches within strings.
RegExpA regular expression pattern.
Iterator for reading runes (integer Unicode code points) out of a Dart string.
RunesThe runes (integer Unicode code points) of a String.
SetA collection of objects in which each object can occur only once
SinkA generic destination for data.
StackTraceAn interface implemented by all stack trace objects.
StopwatchA simple stopwatch interface to measure elapsed time.
StringA sequence of characters.
StringBufferA class for concatenating strings efficiently.
StringSinkImplemented by ClosableStringSink IOSink StringBuffer
SymbolOpaque name used by mirrors, invocations and Function.apply.
TypeRuntime representation of a type.
UriA parsed URI, such as a URL.
UriDataA way to access the structure of a data: URI.

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