Monday, October 16, 2017

Version 0.0.4 of Dartlang Dawo package is out: 16.10.2017 out. The quest for clarity in the structure of the package, continues. Fine-tuning details in daily basis, and using dawo dev-notes to collect ideas and to track development of work. Stopping in #big areas, and presenting there only screen-full of random demo; that is our work-safe plan. Develop highly intelligent process-system, that is duty for other packages, not for dawo.  Dawo is frames around ideas.  Motto: do not take too big duties to yourself.  Do not get lost in too big system; plan safe heavens there.

3 days before publish went with little changes and I plan to keep 3 days off after publish, to free mind and get distance to pack. Reading meanwhile  actively all kind of programming stuff.  I have enough ideas to dawo for next 5 GitHub update sessions and all they seem interesting and meaningful. Dawo is on the track.

Reading daily dartlang new stuff and talks is very interesting and educating. When you done it for years, it is getting new shapes: goals and phases in learning are more clear, and my vision inside language is changing. More clarity, more speed in reading. And now waiting Dart 2.0 .. 

Dawo still includes  much mess, forgive that, but we really are in early stage. Reading code might be heavy, but each new commit will make it more clear.

It seems to have taken for me years to reach this peaceful state of mind;
1. Be patient, plan "dead-ends" where you can throw nice demo and leave actual production (of wanted action) to other packages that are more suited and more advanced.
2. Trust yourself, and be happy of daily learning.

About 10 improvements are on the table for next, 0.0.5 version. What is subject of days work, is most often question of intuition, and is resolved in minutes, when I study files. Removing tools to new tl-class will however be the first one.  But first I'll take three days off.

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