Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Program and data files in dawo 0.0.5

code_snippets, learn / copy-paste stuff:

  • aldente_func : Simple functions, including some logical errors. Can you spot errors?!
  • bat_loop : Control flow structure samples.
  • learn_stream_sync : Examples of simple Streams. So. async stuff.

app files

  • base_lib : Develop common properties, that other libraries should depend on.
  • base_struct : Structuring base classes. These two libraries do not depend other dawo files.
  • chore : Start of bigger "job" / "chore" for real-world-work. Imitating functionality of other, bigger, same kind of library.
  • connector.dart Connecting ( as #client's) app - mission - chore together, mediating them. Seeking deep, inner connections of objects.
  • (? dawlib_coll : Resources. Examples and hacking material of Dart collections.)
  • dawo.dart : main file, exports : dawo_src.dart.
  • dawo_app : DawoApp class, handles Missions and keeps out-put-buffers in Map.
  • dawo_dev : Classes and data, that help in developing this package. Helper functions for cl (command line)and screen output.
  • dawo_src : File created by stagehand plugin app. Here it imports all other libraries and gathers some information about them.
  • effort.dart : Human activities, chores sub, main user-activity and presentation.
  • equipment.dart : Controlling material resources for Mission and Chore.
  • mill : Plan: processing commands orderly, all they in row, by given priorities.
  • missions : Chunk of command-processing between app and chore. Caring Chores. Missions keep and process data ( #clay) of their favorite area.
  • rumba.dart : Rumba classes .dance method runs here dawo's control-flow (once).
  • shower.dart : presentations on console, mostly box-shaped.
  • tools : Helper tools, sleep, stamps, lists aso.

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